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Pleasure and sensuality! Aqua Glyde is a pleasing waterbased lubricant. It makes your sex life more enjoyable and exciting. Aqua Glyde is a waterbased lubricant and a perfect addition to the natural moisture. You can use it together or when playing a sex game. The use of extra lubricant allows you to relax whilst enjoying sex. The glyde can be applied to the intimate parts and you can do this as often as you wish. Aqua Glyde is made of natural ingredients and is very suitable for intimate use. The gel is pH neutral and retains the natural balance in the vagina. It has no flavour, colour or perfume added and is also free of parabens. Aqua Glyde is very safe to use with latex condoms. Read here why it's important to use extra lubricant in condoms. Vaginal dryness can occur in periods of stress, pregnancy or the menopauze. The use of a lubricant makes sex more pleasurable and adds to the natural moisture shortage therefore creates the pleasant feeling during intercourse.