Zumio - Spirotip Vibrator (EN/FR)

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Join the pleasure revolution! Zumio excites your pleasure zone like nothing else. A 60-second quickie, mind-blowing multiple orgasms, or hours of delicious exploration. What's your pleasure? Women have always known that the best way to pleasure themselves is with the circular motion of a fingertip. Zumio makes that proven motion even better, so you can experience a wide variety of new, wonderful sensations. "Different and more intense than anything else." "Wow, it sure lets me hit the right spots." "Mind-blowing! An orgasm in less than a minute and three in under ten!" How it works Concentrated, deeply-satisfying pleasure pulses. Zumio SpiroTIP whirls around in tiny circles, applying wonderfully unique pulses of pleasure to one small area at a time. Each sensory zone around, near, and right on your clitoral button has a unique pleasure sensation and only Zumio lets you zoom in to experience each one. By comparison, the large heads and irritating buzz of traditional vibrators feel boring with no way to create different sensations. Go solo or use Zumio with a partner, even while making love. Zumio's light weight, small tip and slender, non-vibrating handle make it easy to hold in one hand. So you or your partner can enjoy in many positions, and while making love. Invented and designed by women Inspired by the natural way women have always found pleasure. The idea for Zumio was born out of frustration when a very busy single mother with young children wanted a way to achieve orgasm in under a minute. She wanted deep stimulation and precise control, but all the toys she tried—mostly designed by men—were limited to the clitoral button, used irritating vibration, or were too big to pinpoint specific sensory areas. Female designers solved the problem by taking the circular fingertip motion concept to a new level. They figured out how to shrink the tip size and generate satisfying, whirling pulses that could be concentrated on smaller areas. After many prototypes and three years of testing, Zumio was introduced. Pleasure has never been the same. How to Zumio Follow this proven recipe for a 60-second challenge or explore for a unique pleasure experience each time. 1. Solo or with a Partner 2. Pick your intensity 3. Discover Only have a few minutes? Zumio is built for speed to bring you fast and intense orgasms. Got all night? Zumio is perfect for passionate play with your partner. Fast or slow – you control the speed and intensity of your orgasm. Use Zumio and discover unexpected pleasure. Features - Invented and designed by women - 8 speed settings to adjust intensity - Slender ergonomic design for comfort - Quiet operation, vibration free handle - SpiroTIPTM revolution technology - Designed for solo and partner play - Washable, waterproof & durable - Medical-grade silicone / ABS plastics - Water based lubricant-safe - Induction re-chargeable by USB - Long lasting battery life - 1-year warranty Study Highlights - Orgasm Control Study: 89% achieved an orgasm in under 5 minutes. 63% achieved an orgasm in under 2 minutes. 69% achieved multiple orgasms. - Orgasm Intensity Study: 56% say more intense than intercourse. 71% say more intense than masturbation. 62% say more satisfying than their other toys. Package Includes - Zumio - Charging base - USB cable - Storage bag - User manual (English, French and Spanish)