ViaGel for Men

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Viagel for Men, stimulating gel for the penis, enhances sensitivity and makes penetration intenser still. After the success Viagel for Women enjoyed, Viagel for Men is now also available. The wonderful gel is already tremendously popular in the United States and at last, it is now also available in The Netherlands. The special ingredients give a sensational titillating feeling and result in waves of ultimate sexual pleasure. After the first time, you will notice that you will want to continue to use the gel. EROTIC STIMULANT SEXUALLY TITILLATING Viagel for Men works on the basis of a unique formula. Some components are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to make liquids slightly titillating. Never before were they applied for exterior use to enhance sexual pleasure. STIMULATES THE ERECTION Viagel for Men stimulates the erection. Thanks to the local anaesthetising effect of the titillation, it enables men to get an erection more easily and makes the erection stronger. Viagel for Men also works very well to recover a lacking sexual appetite. PARTNER-FRIENDLY 100 % LATEX-SAFE Viagel for Men is fun for men of all ages and exciting to try out. Especially those who do not like taking pills will feel that it is an ideal product. For couples, Viagel for Men makes a nice change: have your partner apply it on your body for instance. Very partner-friendly in contrast to other stimulating gels which do not only make the penis insensitive, but also the sensitive parts of the partner. Viagel for Men is 100 % latex-safe. SEXUALLY STIMULATING, SENSATIONALLY TITILLATING! CONTENT 30 ml MAIN INGREDIENTS Arnica, Propylene glycol, Triethanolamine, Oleoresina Capsici, Chloromethylethylisothiazolinone DOSAGE Squeeze a small amount of gel onto your fingertips and massage directly onto the penis.