Sensuva - Hello Sexy Pleasure Kit

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You are cute. And I would like to kiss you. This lip-smacking, mojo-making kit is guaranteed to make you feel like a sexy beast. Try it. You'll like it. ...if you like being exceedingly irresistible, that is. PEPPERMINT X ON THE LIPS BUZZING & COOLING WITH PHEROMONES It turns your lips into a vibrator and transfers a tingly kiss to your partner's lips & other body parts. Natural, moisturizing, and lightly scented. This delicious peppermint flavored lip balm is exclusive to this super sexy kit! 2 gram BIG FLIRT PHEROMONE INFUSED SEX ATTRACTANT Wear this universal sex attractant to instantly boost your sexy confidence. The pheromones are unisex, and its light, fresh scent can be worn with your own perfume or enjoyed by itself. 10 ml SEXY KISSING GUIDE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SMOOCHING Kissing tips and facts, plus over 40 sizzling kisses for you and your partner to try!