Bye Bra - Adhesive Push-Up Pads Nude

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The Adhesive Push-up Pads allow you to easily create a natural, full looking bust. Invisible, easy to apply and remove, the pads offer an extra push-up effect. The adhesive gel on the outer sides will secure the pads' fixed position within your bra cup. The high quality bio gel on the outer side of the Adhesive Push-up Pads secures their fixed position within your bra cup for maximum comfort and push-up effect! Their curved shape will contribute to a fuller bust and leaner breast shape. - 1 pair in a pack - Composition: 52% Polyester, 48% Bio Gel - Reusable Instructions - Remove the protective film from the Adhesive Push-up Pads. - Apply the Adhesive Push-up Pads, one at a time, to the inner side of your bra cup. - Gently press the pads to smooth and secure the adhesive onto the inner side of the bra cup. Tip: Apply the Adhesive Push-up Pads into the centre of the bra cups for the desired push-up effect, OR apply the pads more to the outer sides of the bra cups for an instant cleavage effect.