Bye Bra - Half Push-Up Pads Clear

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The Half Push-up Pads allow you to add a few extra cup sizes to your bustline. Ideal for uneven cup sizes and those seeking an instant push-up effect, these Half Push-up Pads have got you covered! The Half Push-up Pads stay neatly concealed within your bra while enhancing your natural curves. The shape of the Half Push-up Pads follows your natural curves while the light silicone material offers a natural feeling and softness. The transparent gel makes them invisible under your bikini, top or a dress. - 1 pair in a pack - Composition: 98% Silicone & 2% Thermoplastic Polyurethane - Hand washable and reusable Instructions - Slip the Half Push-up Pads under your breasts or place them in the pockets of your bra. - Adjust the Half Push-up Pads until they are comfortable and evenly placed. - Test the pads by leaning forward to make sure they are secure and will not fall out.